Slobber Threads was born from the desire to provide pawesome custom neckwear for all furry friends. With fun, bold designs and the option to create your pup’s bandana custom from scratch - there’s a Slobber Threads bandana for you.


Artist Helena Shevitz spent years creating custom baby swaddles and nursery art under the LittleB Studio umbrella. One of the most recurring questions she received was, "Hey, can you make something cool for our furry friends too?"

Inspired by her clients infectious enthusiasm and an undeniable love for all things dog, Helena decided to dive headfirst into the world of doggy fashion and create custom bandanas that would make tails wag with delight. And that's how our quirky and fabulous company came into existence!

Slobber Threads bandanas are more than “just a bandana”-
they are a work of art you pet can happily wear.
We work with you to create just what you are looking for. We pour our hearts and souls into every stitch and doodle, infusing each creation with a sprinkle of whimsy and a dash of pawsomeness. Helena enjoys working with clients to get the design just right. We use high quality, durable (and washable!) materials and print using eco-friendly dyes. Our bandanas are sewn by hand, in our studio in Waltham, Massachusetts.

When you choose a Slobber Threads bandana, you're not just selecting a fun accessory– you're joining a vibrant community of like-minded pet lovers who appreciate the magic of everyday moments. We believe in celebrating the unique spirit of every family and their furry sidekicks. We know everyone is unique and has their own personalities and interests. That's why we've made customization the heart and soul of our business.

Everyone has a story, so let’s tell yours.